Now any artist can sell using an interest free option for their buyers

Two great options to help artisits sell their art online and at exhibitions

All of our WAF Gallery+ members can offer:
Interest-free credit to their buyers

We are immensely proud to be offering an interest free credit scheme for artists and galleries to use to increase sales.

There are no hoops to jump through, no credit checks. 100% of membership applications are approved by the scheme. We do not need your accounts or any other private information to be approved. To sell your art using our credit scheme, simply become a World Art Finance (WAF) member.

The scheme is available for any type of art or craft from paintings to sculptures, giving buyers and collectors an easy option to own art of all types.

The cost of the credit is a flat 15% with an £8.00 admin fee. Use our calculator to work out costs for any piece of work. Click me!

Option One
WAF Gallery+
Sell your art with interest-free credit directly from your own website, gallery or exhibitions.

Offer interest-free credit or sell for the full amount through your WAF Gallery+
• Simply add your work to our system and connect the gallery to your website or social media.
• £30 annually*
• Full value sales transaction fees 3%

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Option Three
WAF Basics
Sell for the full amount
(no interest-free available)

Sell for the full price of your art through your WAF Gallery Basics
• Simply add your work to our system and connect the gallery to your website or social media.
• No subscription
• Full value sales transaction cost 10%
• Easily upgrade to 'WAF Gallery+ '

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Beautifully simple

Offer WAF Credit 

Offer the World Art Finance (WAF) credit scheme to your art buyers, via social media (Instagram, Facebook).
Through your website, or at your studio and any exhibitions you attend.

Buyer Applies Online

Simply send your buyer a link direct from your personal WAF account. The link takes your buyer to our checkout, where your art piece is ready for the credit application. The application is completed in minutes, securely online or by phone.

Get Paid in Full

Once we have confirmed the collection or delivery of the art piece, payment of the full balance will be made immediately to the artist.

A real advantage for artists & Galleries

Join membership

This scheme is there to make the buyer’s decision to purchase easier. Buyers can get an offer without a credit check before they apply. The application process for the buyer is easy and simple, 96% of applications are approved. 

Have Some Questions?

After you become a member the only time it costs you is when you sell, the finance charge is 15% with an £8 admin fee.
There's no contract, you can leave the scheme at any time.
You can give access to your gallery or to other one-off exhibitions.
If the buyer stops their payments, this does not affect you in anyway as the money is owed to the finance company by the buyer.
You can still sell your work for the full amount to the buyer, the scheme is just an optional way to pay. If you sell direct to the buyer you are not charged any fees or commissions from WAF.
The minimum amount for credit is £75 sold on the scheme.

Join a growing
group of motivated artists

Join membership

Just one more tool in the artist's box, a real game-changer, an opportunity not to be missed. Get paid in minutes, use the online calculator to work out the price for your works. Never miss a sales opportunity again. Sell Online, though social media and at your studio or exhibitions.

Sell your art online though your website via the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

Sell your art via social media and offer the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

Sell your art at home, the studio or at exhibitions offering the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

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